Colour of the year 2023

Authentic Greige 2002-Y20R

The warmth of beige combined with the elegance of grey makes it the ideal hue for creating peaceful and multifunctional spaces.

Soothing and pleasant, Authentic Greige can be used effortlessly either on its own or combined with other shades. Its natural neutrality invites the diversity and expression of your most beautiful colours!

Laurentide Paint Inspirations

Laurentide Paint’s colour palette is both warm and bright, making it easy to create peaceful atmospheres. Featuring bold and energetic colours that favour customization and originality, it lets you create unique, versatile and well-balanced decors.

Turbulent times are ideal for renewal and change. We all need comfort, satisfaction, and well-being. We need light to bring out our best colours! The Laurentide Paint’s colour palette is the perfect representation of this state of mind.

For custom colour scheme ideas, get the Laurentide Paint’s Hues & Nuances Colour Palette.

Hues & Nuances 2023

Laurentide Paint is very proud to present its new trendy colours for 2023.

Glowing and definitely oriented towards warm and enticing shades, the featured colours form a refined palette, with some refreshingly more daring notes. They evoke a return to balance and wholeness, the birth of a new era, a new chapter.

Use them to create unique, diverse and well-balanced decors. Let colour charm you, transport you.

For colour design ideas, download Laurentide Paint’s Hues & Nuances colour palette or contact our customer service department:
1-800-567-9481 (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST)