Colour of the year 2024


Directly influenced by nature, Olive Olea is the perfect representation of the current trend, from our aspirations to our obligations. Just like the benefits of the tree from which it comes, Olive Olea is synonymous with relaxation and well-being. Associated with diplomacy, Olive Olea evokes wisdom and compassion, echoing the great changes of this era.

Organic, and sincere, it is versatile green speaks of hope and simplicity. With its lightly shaded hue, and its delicate khaki influence, Olive Olea symbolizes balance and personality, whether your lifestyle is contemplative or spontaneous!

Hues & Nuances 2024

2024 is the year of evolution and change, with powerful movements that directly shape and influence colours. The climate emergency, the artificial intelligence revolution, our evergrowing need for well-being and tranquillity, the colours of 2024 reflect all of this at once, to form a remarkable palette.

The palette brings together organic and natural colours, reflecting our world, and its crucial preservation. Rich, saturated, and dynamic colours
which symbolise, among other things, our ever-growing connectivity to the digital world. A collection of distinctive neutral tones, that echoes our quest for well-being and continuous awareness, with exceptional colours, token of a gentle bliss.

The 2024 palette has a myriad of definitions and expressions. It communicates with confidence and shines through with authenticity.

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